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Apr 172011
Family Visitation Period

Family Visitation Period

During family visitations in the MCSO jail, I was privileged to be allowed, by the inmates and families, to photograph intimate moments for the Jail Project. Even though their time was very limited, many people were willing to let me be there, in close proximity, to visually record these tender encounters.

At times, I was reluctant to intrude, but generally, the inmates were more willing than I would have expected. The guards would often allow extra time for the meetings, since it took me a while to explain my project, and get releases signed.

I stopped doing this part of the project because of my own feelings and hesitations at the time. I do plan on resuming this part of the work again, however. I feel, in retrospect, that it is too valuable for viewers, based on the feedback that I’ve received.

Inmate and family during visitation in Madison Jail

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