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Nov 182010
Maricopa County Women in Chains and Booted

Maricopa County Women in Chains and Booted

The uniform for the Maricopa County Female Chain Gang includes the well-known black and white striped outfits and well-worn combat style boots.

At the graveside

Chained and booted up, the inmates work at burying the corpses of indigents who died within the jurisdiction of Maricopa County.

Personalizing the chain gang experience

Even in the standard uniforms, out on the desert burying the bodies of the poor, chain gang inmates manage to personalize their places in the sun.

After this, the last corpse is buried, and the chain gang returns to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office jail.

End of Part 6 of 6

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  3 Responses to “Maricopa County Women’s Chain Gang – Chained and Booted”

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  2. I like the chain gang series alot. Good to see the jail stuff up and posted.

    • Thanks Steve.
      I’ve been in the old Madison jail 6 times now in 8 weeks.
      Have lots to post, but everything takes time, eh?
      Thanks for visiting.


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