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Nov 182010
MCSO Women's Chain Gang Inmates Carrying a Coffin

The women who are privileged to be on Sheriff Joe’s female chain gang, remove an unmarked particle-board coffin. It contains the stinking corpse of an unclaimed body. Most likely, that of an indigent, unknown dead person, found within the county boundaries.

MCSO Women's Chain Gang Inmates Carrying a Coffin

Moving the heavy coffin to the grave

Some of the corpses are just people who no one wanted to claim, or pay for burial costs.

Ready for internment

Getting the coffin lowered takes the effort of a few chain gang members, and the supervising Detention Officer. The others just hang.

End of Part 3 of 6

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  2 Responses to “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Women’s Chain Gang Burying Stinking Corpses”

  1. I’m trying to find photos with African American women in chain gangs for a school research project…Help me please…very hard to find!

    • Hi Kiya,

      I don’t separate images by ethnicity or genealogy.
      However, there is a mixed population in this jail system.
      You can certainly link to some of the images on this site.

      Will that work for you?

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